First post.

4 07 2007

I know its what you’ve all been waiting for, the first post. So i got a new bike last week after my old one was nicked. I had a Giant mountain bike that was a trustworthy companion for a couple years. Last week on Thursday while i was in class, at midday, some social misfit cut the lock off and rode away with my good friend giantbike. Honestly who does that? What kind of person would take away my means of transportation? I need a bike to get around this city…I cant do it without a bike. I hope i see my bike with that person who stole it riding around…ill cut his legs off. When i left class i came outside and it just was not there, I was confused. I thought for a second that i had left it someplace else but i hadn’t. I knew where i put it, and it wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to do, so i just stood there looking dumbfounded and very likely drooling on myself in my enraged stupor. Finally i threw the saddle (which i had removed and taken into the class with me to keep the cycle from being stolen in the first place) in a nearby dumpster and called the police.

Turns out that the police are less than helpful. The dispatcher had no idea where I was even though i had given her the address of the building PLUS the intersection i was standing on. She said she was looking at a map and couldn’t find where i was at all. I told her to send someone to the corner where i was, i assured her that i would know where i was. She wouldn’t send anyone until she figured it out, so i had to spend 15 minutes oh hold basically until she realised that i knew what i was talking about. So finally the officer came and didn’t much care. He took a “report” and left. I knew I would never see that bike again.

So i went out and bought a new bike…

After taking a bank loan.

Its an absolutely beautiful machine. 2007 Trek XO1 Cyclocross. I’m enamored.

X01 Cyclocross



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