5 07 2007

Its probably fitting that i started this today just after getting the new bike. Its a good chance to stand on my soapbox and rant about the independence and freedom that a bicycle affords. Not affording a bike, thats another story. I wish more people would give cycling a chance and stop relying on autos so much. Seriously its faster during rush hour to ride a bike than to drive a car. I love overtaking stopped or slow moving cars in traffic queues and getting home, eating and relaxing as those same people are still stuck in traffic, stressed out. Whats better is when someone drives borderline recklessly to pass me just before a light, and they have to stop however many cars back just to have me pass them by as they are waiting there. LOVE IT.

Not depending on fuel for a car is another of my favorite things. My fuel is food. People are always suprised by how much i eat. CONSTANTLY. If more people cycled they could save literally hundreds of dollars a month if they rode as much as i do. I put over 200 miles a week on the bike and its not that much really, less than 40 miles a day and 2 days off if you want. Thats about a quarter of a tank a week.

Although maybe i don’t want more people out cycling as i have enough to worry about with cars as it is. Or people on the bike paths/trails…there is enough of that too.

So nevermind, everyone just ignore what i wrote and keep driving your pollution machines to work everyday, stressed out and beating on your steering wheel, ill be riding past you as you are stuck in traffic laughing at me because i ride a bike and you had enough sense to not look silly wearing a helmet and gloves with the fingers cut off. Have fun!




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30 07 2007
James Fellrath

Great comments, oh Militant one. I’m a fellow Columbus bike commuter and I agree with you 100% (except for the part about more people commuting).

I absolutely love walking past the proverbial water cooler at work and hearing everyone complain about gas prices, and then I get to say “wow, I haven’t bought gas in so long that I totally lost track. How much is it now?”

I love hearing people complain about the weather, whether too hot or cold, and then tell them how I biked to work and I really don’t even notice bad weather any more.

I love the freedom to hop off the roads and onto a trail or side street and still get where I’m going just as fast as cars do.

I love not paying $80 a month for parking. Or $400 a month for my car payments. Or $100 a month for car insurance. Or $1000 for maintenance on my car if it blows a head gasket, or the locks stop working. I love not having to call someone because I left the lights on in my car all night.

I love driving the most efficient vehicle in human history and doing it amongst those who drive the least efficient ones, all in the name of their “Freedom.”

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