Bike Knives

26 07 2007

I carry a CRKT M16 SRT High Risk Environment Tactical Knife on my bike for a few reasons.

1. Just in case.

2. Car tyres of people who yell, throw, or otherwise direct things (such as their 2 tonne vehicles) at me.

3. Ive had a hard time opening packages lately.

I really want to buy a katana or some other large sword and attatch it to a sheath mounted on my bicycle. That would be great.




One response

30 07 2007
James Fellrath

I’ve read one blogger who says that the best way for cyclists to remain safe on the road is to be visibly armed with handguns. I think a katana (or, my prefence, an late medieval era long sword) would do just as well. 😉

I like the idea of carrying a knife, though. Always handy.

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