Todays Ride. 28-7-07

29 07 2007

So I figure I should start keeping track of mileage and the like on my blog. Partly showing off, partly for myself. So I bought the new bike exactly a month ago today. Ive got 802 miles on it so far. Id have more if i didnt get sick from Wednesday to Friday and lose 3 days of miles. Easily over 900.

Todays Statistics:

Total: 75.2 mi

Max speed: 35.4 Mph

Avg speed: 19.5

Clif bars eaten: 2

Near Death Experiences: 1

I woke up at midday after 4 hours of sleep, ate some oatmeal and stretched out. Then I rode out to Alum Creek to ride trails with some friends. On the way there I was waiting at a red light to cross High street and some wanker, I mean man in an SUV pulled up behind me. It was a single lane on our side of the road and I was in the middle of the lane waiting in queue. He honked at me and I turned around and looked at him then turned back around facing forward. Then I hear him yell “excuse me”. I turn around and say “yeah?” He says “can you get out of my way so i can turn right? I said “would you be asking a car to move?” He said “I ride a bike and i would move so a car could turn” I replied well the laws concerning bikes are applicable to cars as well and the opposite too, so I have as much right to wait exactly as a car where i am, im not moving” I then turned back around. The light changed and I crossed the intersection he reved his engine and made his turn. I was really scared. No really.

Someone is going to shoot me one day.

On the way back from the trails (which were completely uneventful, fun but nothing exciting happened) I found a nice path along some railroad track i had no idea was there, im going to explore the rest of it I didn’t ride tomorrow. I came to a railroad crossing where the tracks are at 45 degree angle to teh (im leaving it spelled that way) road instead of a nice right angle. There was a red car behind me as i approached the tracks and I moved over to my left to get an angle at which i could cross the tracks without getting my wheel inline with the track, and falling over then being run over by said car. As i begin to cross the tracks i cut it hard back to the right and i hear the squealing of brakes behind me, i prepare to be hit and i look behind me, the red car is skidding to a stop inches from me. This woman thought she was going to pass me on the inside right not realising that i was veering to my left only to come back to my right. Evidently she has never attempted to cross tracks on a bike or she would have realised what i was doing. She was talking on a cell phone and i shook my head and started riding again. She squeals her tires, accelerating quickly and yells “FUCK YOU” at me as she passes.

Hilarious. No i love almost getting killed buy idiot motorists and then having it somehow be MY fault. Great.

I continued downtown and I ran into Casey, the owner of B1 bicycles, we might go for a ride tomorrow, I’m supposed to come by the shop before close.

Thats it, im staying in tonight, I’m exhausted, despite several invites to various things, i want to wake up early and ride.

Oh and i did 3 massive hills, and may have found the hardest one yet. I’m in love with it and it hurts. Just like love should.




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