Todays Ride 29-7-07

30 07 2007

Todays Statistics:

Total: 65.8

Max speed: 29.5

Avg speed:17.4

Clif bars eaten: 2

Small children almost run down by the militant cyclist:3

Near Death Experiences:1

Taillights lost: 1

So much for waking up early. Again i manged to sleep until noon. Although i had gone to bed at a respectable hour this time. So i thought it would be smart to cook oatmeal WHILE stretching out. Bad idea. After waking up completely knackered i stuffed my face with oatmeal and currants. Promptly set out on the bike to explore the path i found yesterday. It was completely a waste but it will let me avoid riding several miles on a main road, so its good for something. Headed downtown and made a quick stop at my art studio to get a clif bar and some tofurky jerky. I carried on and stopped in at B-1 bicycles to see if Casey wanted to ride, he was too busy so i went down to indian oven and had dinner with my friend little Rupa. I ate waaaaay too much. I went over to this park and digested for an hour, and started heading home. I was riding pretty well, aroung 24 mph and a guy on a yellow FELT came right up on me, i hadnt been passed in a while and he completely dusted me. I started cranking hard and caught up with him, we started talking and he was a 16 year old kid! Fastet kid ive ever seen, but then if i had a $5000 bike id be fast too, so we rode together for a while and i got about 10 extra miles out of it, and theres nothing like riding on a bike path through the woods at night at over 20 mph…
Somewhere along the way after dinner my taillight fell off. How this happened i cant begin to guess. $40 or so wasted. I cant fathom at all how this happened, but it means a trip to B-1 tomorrow or Tuesday, a good excuse to buy other things i don’t need.

Work tomorrow…ill probably take the day off too, my right knee just doesn’t feel right.



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