Todays Ride. 31.7.07

1 08 2007

Todays Statistics:


Max speed:31.5

Avg speed:18.6

Clif bars eaten:1

Near Death Experiences:0

Number of times the militant cyclist forgot to zip his saddle pack causing blackberry to fall out and come apart on the ground upon impact: 1

I also got a new taillight a cat eye something something and its blindingly bright.

I didnt start riding until early evening afte getting called to come into work early this morning. Then class, then chipotle with a bunch of art grad students, then a stop at used kids record store where i picked up 2 old gorilla biscuits albums for $3 apiece and the new iLiKETRAiNS album ive been wanting for only $5.50 (BRAND NEW!!!) , and the Futureheads’ News and Tributes album (the US version that has songs the UK version doesnt) then a meeting at Cosi (i had a great caprese!), then finally starting out at around 5:30? I think.

I did the first 25 miles at a high pace, trying to keep above 20mph and when i had to slow down going into an all out sprint to get back up to speed. After the 25 miles i was averaging 21.7 so I did okay. I rode 14 miles of that 25 on the bike path so i was contending with joggers and bladers and dogs and blahblahvbopifjlkd. I had that crazed sprinter look in my eye and people probably thought i was insane.

I might have been riding a little bit obnoxiously…maybe…and i may have run some lights…….maybe…….not normal behaviour for me, but i knew that I didnt have much daylight left and i wasn’t going to get a lot of miles today.

I turned around when I came to the south side of downtown and started heading back home. I went straight up High Street and didn’t have a problem. No honking, no yelling, no throwing mcdonalds cups at my head. Nothing. Just respectful drivers.

It was a good day, I didnt even have to use my CRKT

915 total miles since 29-6-07…closing in on 1000! Maybe tomorrow i can get it, but i have to work. Ugh. Probably 2 more days. Ugh.





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