Todays Ride 2-03-07 1000 MILES!

4 08 2007

Todays Statistics:

Total miles:36.6

Max speed:35.2

Avg speed:18.4

Clif bars eaten:1

Near Death Experiences:0

Number of times the Militant Cyclist did that god awful Hyatts road hill: 4

I found that a trail i thought ended in one place actually carried on farther but there is no sign to tell you which way to go. It splits in two ways, one west and the other north. The obvious way (west) connects to a main road and seems kind of pointless as it turns into a sidewalk. But it turns to the north after you follow it for awhile, but it takes you severely out of your way. The not so obvious way is hard to find because you cant see that the trail is even there. You have ride across a big grass field and then the trail carries on again, but there is no way for you to know that it is there, and if you don’t have a mountain/cross bike what are you supposed to do? Why would they do that? A sign would be nice. Good planning, thanks.
But it doesn’t matter because i hit 1000 miles on the bike. A couple days past a months time. I feel good about it. Yep. Okay time to work.




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