How to get kicked in the balls.

5 08 2007

Date someone. No, seriously. Just try it.

It’s the opposite of skittles and zima.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Skittles and zima is FUCKING AWESOME. I dont drink zima and i dont eat skittles, but i’d imagine the combination is absolutely magical.

Dating somone is like getting kicked in the balls repeatedly for hours on end. When i first meet a woman, im like “go ahead and just give my balls a swift kick, cause its gonna happen anyway, so lets get the ball kicking formalitites out of the way and at get at least one over with.

Maybe just step up to the whiffle ball bat or better yet the GIANT FUCKING RED BAT! But nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned kick to the groin.

Have fun dating.



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