a letter.

11 08 2007

In response to this article:


i wrote this letter:


I take issue with what you have defined as a “cyclist” and a “lifestyle cyclist”. Simply because you RIDE A BICYCLE does not make you a cyclist. You don’t have the heart to make cycling your life, therefore you have no right to make judgements about what makes a “cyclist”. You say “cycling is a superb form of transportation, not a lifestyle”. This is grossly inaccurate, cycling IS a lifestyle, NOT a form of transportation for self important yuppies, or “great fun and terrific exercise”. I am one of those “lifestyle cyclists” as you say, and CYCLING is my life. Not simply any of those other things that you say it is. Yes i cycle to get places, yes i cycle for fun and exercise, but more than anything i do it out of LOVE, something you obviously don’t, cant, or wont understand. I cycle in the rain, snow, and intense heat, something im certain you don’t do. I can hear you now, “oh, i don’t feel like riding today, I’m too tired/its raining outside/its too hot” pick any of the above. I ride because i LOVE it, more than anything else, i ride because i HAVE to, i ride out of OBSESSION, PASSION, and because it is the most intense addiction i have felt in my entire life. At the end of a 100 mile race, with sweat dripping and legs ready to give out, what keeps me going? “oh gosh this is fun”, or “I really need to get some goody boy i cant wait to get there, i hope the race route goes by there”? No. What keeps me going is desire, heart and most of all LOVE. All things that people that simply ride bikes wont understand. That is the difference between you and I, sir. You just ride a bike, I am a CYCLIST. I suggest you amend your article accordingly.

Ill post his response when i receive it…



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