Todays Ride 09-8-07 Rain+Awful Restaurant Service.

11 08 2007

Todays Statistics:

Total miles:25.4

Max speed:30.7

Avg speed:18.5

Near Death Experiences:0

Clif Bars eaten: 2

I’m starting to tire of not having time for long rides. I love riding fast and sprinting, but i feel rushed. Between school work and 9idsfklsl;afd’s; yeah. Anyway, rushed to university, showered, was almost late for class and starving, with nothing to stuff in my face. Left class worked in the studio for awhile and then started the ride home, it poured. I was drenched. It was great.

So I tried to go to my favourite place to stuff my face, the Dosa Corner. Its a south Indian place, the best in the city. It is owned by one of my mates parents. I walked in there was only one table available and it was not cleared. I waited. Finally someone came and cleared it and I sat. They never came back, well no, someone brought a menu after about 20 minutes, and then never came back. After about 35-40 minutes of other tables being sat and served I left. Although not until i told them i was never coming back. I couldn’t believe it, I’ve been a regular there for several years. It was never dodgy before. Now I can never go there again.


So I carried on to another place, had a wonderful dinner and i finally got to stuff my face. With potatoes. Brilliant.



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