Response to “a letter”

5 09 2007

Dear Militant Cyclist, Thank you for your rousing email. You’re obviously an enthusiast and nothing I could pen would disuade you from cycling – quite the contrary. I guess my article is aimed more at those who would like to cycle more but are intimidated by the so-called “cycling culture,” which, let’s face it, tends to be a little jargony and technoconscious (and damned expensive to boot) and therefore somewhat exclusivist. Obviously, an article that instructs folks to wear helmets and to ride with, rather than against, traffic, is fairly elementary and isn’t going to do much for a cyclist of your experience. The fact is, we simply need to get more people to travel on two wheels (you know the reasons as well as I) and if poking a little fun at the cycling culture with its pompous thousand dollar bicycles, bird seed diets and stretchy pants helps, then what’s the harm I ask you! Keep up the good work, my friend! PS: I think you’ll find my more recent article “Old Schwinns for an Old Neighborhood” much more to your liking.

– Greg Knepp



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