Russian Photo Memes

25 03 2009



sigh. how to look bad.

25 03 2009

Sooooooo last night on my way home i was stopped in a line of cars on heading west at about 5:30. 2 idiots came riding by, passing all the stopped cars on the right, one with no helmet and made their way to the front of the traffic at the light. The light changed and i made it through just before yellow, and the 2 douchebags proceeded to do the same thing again at the next light, passed all the cars on the right and waited again at the front of the line. The light changed and traffic started moving, after that intersection the road becomes two lanes, the 2 douchebags moved into the right lane and i passed them up in front of the high school, whilst barely pedaling down the hill. The one with the helmet was bringing up the rear, i said “thanks for making us look bad”, and as i passed the one in the front with no helmet i said “nice helmet, hope you make good use of it” I’m not sure that either of them heard me with traffic and how fast i went by them, but whatever.

Normally i don’t mind people passing cars on the right, but when there is not enough room to do it safely without taking a foot off the pedal to push yourself using the curb, I’ve got a problem with it. As evidenced, I waited in line for the lights to change AFTER they went by me to the front and still passed them without trying. You aren’t getting anywhere faster by passing cars on the right just to get to a red light. You are just making those of us that are trying to follow the laws look bad to the drivers.

Hopefully ill see the 2 douchebags again soon, and try to have a constructive conversation with them about how not to be a d-bag. Or just smack the helmetless one in the back of the head.

Lance, ambuLance?

23 03 2009

eek 😦

I stumbled upon a really good blog…

18 03 2009

I was searching for a DIY cap pattern because I’ve slowly worn through all but one of mine and thought I could make better than I’ve seen for sale. Not to mention they are all horribly garish or a little to…hipster for my taste.

So i set out in search of a pattern and i came across this site that had the pattern i was looking for plus all kinds of other great info.

Check it out.

now i only have to learn to sew and I’m all set.

Brilliant Driving…

12 03 2009

I ride on 161 at rush hour when I get off work, but thats because I have a mental condition that makes me believe that I’m actually a hummer when I am on a bicycle. I’d avoid it if possible. 161 has to be one of the least friendly roads in terms of cycling that Columbus has to offer.

On a related note, I was heading east just after the 71 underpass yesterday when a car turned left out of the giant eagle into oncoming traffic. brilliant.

Pro Driving Tip: They don’t put up GIANT CONCRETE LANE DIVIDERS FOR NOTHING (seems obvious i know)

When the driver realized she was heading into oncoming traffic, (it took about 10 vehicles wizzing by her with horns blaring for her to reach this conclusion as she was still accelerating in the wrong lane towards me) she then slowed, and turned her car parallel to traffic blocking 2 of the lanes completely, then proceeded to just sit there, frozen.

This is par for the course of driving on 161.

Expect nothing less. Be safe, look out!

half-time liverpool vs. real madrid

10 03 2009

good match thus far!

liverpool looking good, beers looking good, papads and chutney looking good.

all set for 2nd half!


10 03 2009

another year, mired in mediocrity.