Feeding the Trolls

9 03 2009

Hi there internet trolls!

I just wanted to drop you a note to request that if you are going to troll my blog, at least make it interesting please, while juvenile locker room insults are kind of fun, i guess, do something original please.

I enjoy the blog spammers a lot, so something along those lines wold be nice, randomly generated text and high-ascii art are a good starting place.

While many of the things you said about me may have been true, the narcissism, oh the endless mirror gazing! Some were not.  For the record i do not wank it to my bike. If i was going to do it, id go the whole way like this guy:


now there is a guy that knows how to RIDE his bike!

In closing, random faceless trolling of my blog and speculating on my private life may seem hurtful to you, however i assure you that i find it humorous, a bit dimwitted, but humorous. I will leave the posts up (i had to approve them so dont think that you were sneaking them on my blog). Whoever you trolls are, i find it interesting that you came from a site devoted to cycling, and then came here to make fun of my passion for it? Im not following the logic of that but as dense as you are it must make sense to you so cheers!

Be safe on the road, best wishes internet trolls!



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