Brilliant Driving…

12 03 2009

I ride on 161 at rush hour when I get off work, but thats because I have a mental condition that makes me believe that I’m actually a hummer when I am on a bicycle. I’d avoid it if possible. 161 has to be one of the least friendly roads in terms of cycling that Columbus has to offer.

On a related note, I was heading east just after the 71 underpass yesterday when a car turned left out of the giant eagle into oncoming traffic. brilliant.

Pro Driving Tip: They don’t put up GIANT CONCRETE LANE DIVIDERS FOR NOTHING (seems obvious i know)

When the driver realized she was heading into oncoming traffic, (it took about 10 vehicles wizzing by her with horns blaring for her to reach this conclusion as she was still accelerating in the wrong lane towards me) she then slowed, and turned her car parallel to traffic blocking 2 of the lanes completely, then proceeded to just sit there, frozen.

This is par for the course of driving on 161.

Expect nothing less. Be safe, look out!



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