Ride of Silence Observations.

21 05 2009

This was a great event, with a good turnout and hopefully sent a message to drivers.

A few critical observations I had before and during the event.

On my way there i passed people in team kits riding on the sidewalks.

When i got to the state house there were people getting their bikes out of vehicles. (this one is more of a personal problem i have with people letting their bikes ride in cars, than a real issue but it still seems contradictory to the event)

There were several people riding without helmets during the event, which is pretty dumb to begin with but compounded by the safety aspects pushed by the event made it all the more ironic. At least 3 of the people i did see riding helmetless had their chrome brand messenger bags, so i guess as long as you are “stylish” or at least a hipster you dont need a helmet, it would mess up your hair that you so nicely combed over your left eye. Now im glad they were there because the ratio of spandex-le tour riders to hipstershits was huge. Its funny how hipstershits love bikes(well fixies anyway) but dont show up to bike related events. Not that im suprised, but it still sucks. I’m an equal opportunity offender, ill poke fun at us lance armstrong wannabes as much as the hipstershits, but all it comes down to is I wish more people showed up.

all in all a great event with a large turnout over 500 attended,  plus the mayor! and it is important to spread the word to the motorists that they owe us fair treatment on the road, but these things are somewhat bothersome for me.



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