Brilliant. Astounding. Massive. All those words describe something else.

27 05 2009

Today we have this little jewel from the marketing geniuses at Dell computers.

selling your idiocy back to you.

selling your idiocy back to you.

This is brilliant. Its more than brilliant. Its…its…I dont have words for what it is but it doesnt matter cause it speaks for itself. Whatever the marketing guys at dell are up to, one thing is clear, they are on target and deserve a raise. There are several hundred designs to choose from but its ones like this that are just too good to be true.

Nothing like selling hipsters “culture” back to them at high prices. Although I suppose no self respecting hipstershit would purchase it anyway because its not a mac. Hypothetically speaking of course if they were to, half of them would buy it and drool all over it for a few weeks until something else shiny catches their attention and the other half would bitch and moan “they are stealing OUR culture!” Come to think of it however, I suppose you have to put SOMETHING into your OFFICIAL ISSUE CHROME MESSENGER BAG.

Hilarious. Its exactly what they are doing to themselves without realising it day in and day out (i know its hard to admit, so you dont have to, just keep buying your culture shhhhhhhhh). Hipsters, I implore you, carry on with the whining about these types of assaults by the corporate world on your “culture” so that i may stay adequately entertained. Thank you.



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