Woman recieves a pat on the back in cyclist death.

2 06 2009

The Columbus Dispatch reports: Pike County Common Pleas Judge Randy Deering sentenced Sara Bender to 60 days in jail for leaving the scene of the accident that killed William Crowley while he rode during the Tour of the Scioto River Valley (TORSRV). He was hit in the early morning hours, and according to medical examiners died instantly.

Bender was also fined $1,000 and her drivers license was suspended for two years. She is scheduled to report to the Ross County jail, on June 26 to serve her “sentence”. She could have received a maximum of six months in jail for the misdemeanor offense. The verdict meant that Bender was guilty of a first-degree misdemeanor, rather than a third-degree felony that she could have faced one to five years in prison for.

Mrs. Crowley said afterward, though, that she didn’t think Bender was genuinely sorry, but was sorry only for having to go to jail. “This is just a slap on the wrist for what she did…it is not much for what she has done. For killing my husband, it’s really not much at all.”

Bender testified that she thought something had hit her windshield in the rain and fog and that water was coming through, so she turned around and drove 10 miles south back to her home. She parked in the garage and took another vehicle, she said. Once back on Rt. 23, she stopped when she saw emergency workers at the scene of the accident. She told a trooper she thought she had struck a sign.

William Crowley was 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 200 pounds. Thats about what roadway signs weigh right? And they are always set into the road lanes too? Please. She KILLED a person. Accident or not, she should pay for her actions. She took away not only his life, but a husband, father, and a brother. 60 days in not at all reasonable for this. YEARS are more in order here, I dont care what “emotional damage” she may have, nothing will compare to what the family and friends of William Crowley are going to go through or what he himself did. Taking away the womans license is not a punishment. Its a favor to her and the rest of the state.

People that kill cyclists should be made to pay for their actions, not get a pat on the back.



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