Pavement art as speed control…Or just shove cyclists to the ground.

18 06 2009

Things like this have been going on for quite awhile, and my jury is out on if its a good idea or not. I just wish the artwork itself was of higher quality, I dont know that its enough to fool anyone, though possibly from a distance. In addition, the article says:
“The majority of cyclists share the space amicably. However, there are a handful who refuse to slow down. That’s why we commissioned this art – we hope it will shock.”



If there are only a few cyclists who are riding dangerously, and either see this article or ride over this once its purpose is all but lost.

Although im certain it will terrify people that have sight issues for years to come.

I think that alligators or a lion would be much more effective, or tried and true traffic calming devices such as this policeman:

Yes, shoving cyclists to the ground certainly does slow them down considerably.



3 responses

19 06 2009

wow that cop is a nut, he took a huge step foward to catch that biker. I thought at first glance the cyclist was riding way to close and the cop was protecting himself. its completely obvious after looking at it a few times the cop got in the bikes way so he could knock the shit out of someone.

The the rest of the video is junk. its not possible to tell that they shot a rubber bullet at his foot.

9 09 2010

propaganda, that is not an Israeli license plate. This site is for haters

14 09 2010

Im not sure how the 2nd part of that video got tacked on there, as youll notice i didnt comment on it at all, I didnt realise it was on there. As far as this site being for haters, youre absolutely right. Although if you look at 99% of my other posts there isint much political content so…

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