Id like to know more about this one…

24 06 2009

From craigslist:

I was the dude who swallowed gravel during a cycling disaster at the construction zone near the Blue Danube. You were the “ohhhh shit” out of my right ear moments before impact. Damn, that hurt. Thanks for insisting that I go to the hospital. They charged me $5900 for a cat scan and an 11 hour wait in the ER. You were sure that it would be pretty cheap even though I don’t have insurance. You owe me $5900 or a bunch of BJ’s; your call.

who/what did this

who/what did this

I ride through this construction are fairly regularly and the road is beyond awful. And so are the remains of that bike. The post doesnt say what caused it though, other than a disembodied voice yelling “ohhhh shit”. Since there was a voice, we can rule out bears and an out of control drunken cheetah. This still leaved the amount of damage to the bike itself however, I’d assume it was a car, but with the disembodied voice, the driver must be exceptionally loud. Perhaps a scooter or a motorcycle? The title however is “we crashed bikes” so it must have been a bike. I wonder then what the other bike was? A bear riding a bike? A bike with a snow plow attached? An abrams tank riding a bike? A BEAR DRIVING AN ABRAMS TANK WITH A SNOW PLOW ATTACHED?

And who believes that a visit to the hospital is cheap? Honestly? Especially a cat scan, nowhere in logical thought would I expect that to be cheap, but I suppose after an accident like that I wouldn’t be thinking clearly anyway…

And this is further proof that no one under any circumstance should go within say, five blocks of that shithole bar.



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