25 06 2009

I was genuinely excited about the pelotonia this year, until i read the fine print in the contract. If you pledge $2k and don’t raise all of it yourself, YOU make up the remainder. No thanks. I’d love to help raise money to cure cancer, but being held responsible for an arbitrarily set amount is ridiculous. Seemed to generate a lot of negative reaction from many people I know, and those on message boards such as yaybikes.

One good thing to come of this however was the post from paktinat which read in part:

“Park street patio had a fund raiser for Pelotonia tonight, $15 all you could drink and $10 of that went to the participant of your choice.
I used to work with a guy who is doing the whole $2k ride, so i headed down to support him and cancer awareness.

Honest to god, I was the only freaking person associated with Pelotonia who rode a bike to the bar.
Of the bike rack outside, i was the 5th bike there.

It was an evening of over hearing these recreational bikers discuss their rigorous training regimen; most discussed 7 miles every day like it was a feat proportional to walking on water.”

Now, this is a smart way to raise the money, and if i was a frequenter of bars or clubs I may have gone, but I’m not. The awful thing is that none of the cyclists involved rode to the fund raiser itself. Gotta love recreational cyclists fair weather (literally even as most of them wont ride in the rain) approach to biking.

This extends to the usual rant that I go off on about people who drive their bikes places such as the park to ride them. It defeats the entire purpose of riding a bike to drive it in a car a few miles to ride around aimlessly then shove it back on your bike rack and go to Whole Foods for vitamin water and powerbars. Way to go!

I’m sure a lot of these people had some expensive racing bike with carbon fiber water bottle cages that they hang in their garage to show off to their friends when someone stops by. God forbid they actually ride the damn thing.

Being able to ride 7 miles doesn’t mean crap. It only means that you possess the higher brain function of a gerbil. It means that you have a modicum of coordination and the faculties to process basic external stimuli. Try riding in the rain or snow or more than 2 months between spring and summer before it gets too hot and you break a sweat.



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