Michael Jackson.

26 06 2009

People sure fired up over Jacksons death.
I lost facebook “friends” over my post that went something along the lines of:

“When one dies, it is a tragedy. When a million die, it is a statistic”. The world has bigger problems now than some celebrity  death it should be thinking about. Too bad people have been dumbed down so much michael jackson dying is a bigger story that gets more people talking than Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Palestine, Israel, hell even our situation here in the U.S. has more pressing issues.

It should not surprise me that people care more about a  pop stars death than matters that actually impact the word, but alas, this is the MTV generation, and they do. In fact, so many people were googling, twittering, and scouring the internet for Jackson related news that it ALMOST KILLED THE INTERNET.

It makes me feel like this guy.

Its indescribably sad that more people find Jacksons death a reason to cry in public in parking lots as one of my co-workers saw a woman doing last night, and at a grocery store in the produce section, although bruised peaches bring a tear to my eye, and if I get a bad avocado, well then I’ll have a full blown meltdown. I digress, the fact that people are more moved to mourn publicly for a man who wore this: (Oh and lest we forget, the man slept with little boys, and readily admitted to it in an interview with Martin Bashir)

reasonable, yes.

reasonable, yes.

than to mourn the deaths of people dying daily from war, famine, disease, or any other horrible means leaves me speechless. At least I can still type.




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