More fertility non-news

30 06 2009

Yet another “study” directed at scaring people into leaving their bikes behind and grabbing the car keys.  I wonder if these studies are covertly sponsored by auto manufacturers. Kind of like the global warming “studies” funded by oil companies to deny that its a real phenomena.

In addition one of the comments on the article from some muppet named Scott from Kentucky wrote:  “A normal person will not cycle anywhere near 186 miles a week unless they cycle competitively”,which is utter rubbish. 25-30 miles a day will get you there and if all you do is a 12-15 mile commute to work and home you hit this mark easily.

Hey Scott from Kentucky, if you’re out there, try riding a bike before talking about it like you have.

On the plus side, ifyou don’t want little bastards anyway, then even if it is true you win both ways, you get to ride a bike AND not have to worry about horrid little creatures appearing 9 months from now.



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