You can’t make this stuff up.

28 07 2009

Michael Bean, WYFF News 4 Producer

A driver, now identified as an Asheville firefighter, shot a bicycle rider because he was angry the man was riding with his child on a busy road, Asheville police said.

Charles Alexander Diez

The shooting happened Sunday morning on Tunnel Road.Officers said the victim was riding with his wife and had his 3-year-old son in a child seat attached to his bicycle when a driver approached him.Police said the driver, Charles Diez, claimed he was upset that the victim was bike riding with his child on the heavily traveled Tunnel Road.Diez pulled a gun and opened fire, hitting the victim in his bicycle helmet, according to police.They said the bullet penetrated the outer lining of the helmet but did not actually hit the victim’s head.Police arrested Diez and charged him with attempted first degree murder.His bond was set at $500,000.Diez has been a firefighter with the Asheville Fire Department since 1992, according to officials.On Monday, they confirmed he has been placed on paid investigative leave pending the outcome of this investigation.


You have to be kidding me. This guy thinks it’s not safe for a man to ride with his kid in a child seat on a bicycle. So he shoots him in the head? You know, obviously shooting someone in the head is much more safe than driving by without shooting them in the head. Ill keep that in mind next time say I’m walking down some stairs behind someone walking slowly, I’ll give them a shove so that they can get down the stairs faster, that ought to be helpful, or maybe if i see an older man walking with a cane, ill grab it from him and proceed to beat him senseless with it. Yes, it never hurts to help another person be safe.



One response

28 07 2009
Richard Basile

Next time my son asks me why he needs to wear a helmet, I’ll show him this article. Then I’ll beat him over the head with a baseball bat to drive home the point. In fact, when I see kids anywhere riding without a helmet, I’ll just shove them off their bikes… that should teach ’em.

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