Whats wrong with this craigslisting?

24 08 2009


the girl that was jogging at Antrim Park this afternoon in pink – m4w – 28 (Antrim park)

This afternoon I was at the park, had just finished riding my bike and looked up and saw you jogging by. I’m glad I had stopped riding, because I shit you not, the very sight of you would have made me wreck, and that would have been embarrassing. You were wearing a pink tshirt, and when I looked the second time, you were looking at me, too. Either you’re interested too, or you were watching something across the lake and didn’t even notice me… I’ll hope for the former. 🙂 Anyway, if by chance you read this, or someone who knows the pink tshirt jogger reads this and would kindly point her to it, Id be forever happy.

Seems innocent enough, but hidden in this simple story lies a dark fact, a hidden truth heralded by a harbinger of doom. You see, the poster stated:

“I’m glad I had stopped riding”



Keep em guessing.

19 08 2009

Is this real? Is it serious? You tell me cause I don’t know anymore. Apparently the hipsters/fixters have become self aware, and are now becoming ironic within their irony. That is to say, yo dog i put some irony in your irony so you can be ironic while you’re ironic.

ironic irony of the ironc ironic?

ironic irony of the ironc ironic?

“check it bro

no name all black steel “track frame” with “track ends”
dp 18 wheel with formula hub on the front wheel, prolly needs a new tire but I haven’t had any problems with it
velocity deep v with fixed/fixed formula hub on the back
sugino cheapo crankset which needs ONE chainring bolt. yeah, that rules, right?
generic saddle
generic pedals
risers with old ass oury grips that prolly need replacing
no brakes
spokecards included for bike cred
it can do BAR SPINS. thats right, dude, BAR FUCKING SPINS!

this bike would be perfect for someone who wants to harvest the parts or use it as a polo or winter beater bike. it rides smooth other than the things listed. cmon, make me an offer, i’d like to buy a handle of whiskey and take my girlfriend out on the town.”

So. We have an admittedly crappy bike for sale. It is posed in a decidedly “urban” location, complete with…delicious ironic graffiti apparently reading “one gear one world”, and spoke cards which the poster affirms lend “bike cred” to the machine. Oh and lets not forget the deep V’s and the fact “it can do BAR SPINS. thats right, dude, BAR FUCKING SPINS!”

So. Is the person selling this bike actually being sarcastic about it? Actually aware of the ludicrousness of it all? My vote is yes, but sadly the possibility exists that he/she is not. I cant tell the “irony” apart from the “irony” anymore. Either the seller wants the hipster that may buy his bike to purchase it because it is a state of disrepair and therefore better than  a properly cared for and maintained bike, or it “rides smooth other than the things listed.”

Ouch, my brain, its enough to make me go put on a unicorn sweater and get a neck tattoo. No, seriously bro, check it.

Philadelphia Bans Cell Phone Use by Cyclists

17 08 2009

And win. If there is one thing we need it is a reduction in the amount of idiots on cell phones in public, especially while cycling or (THE HORROR) driving. Cheers to Philly for enacting this law, hopefully they choose to enforce it rather than pass then ignore it. Full story from NPR here.

The fine for a first time offense is the ungodly amount of $150 I was hoping for something a little more reasonable, such as the removal of the hand of the offender who was using the phone. Sigh. Oh well.

Throw Away the Key.

13 08 2009


According to the short article Edward Miller was indited on 4 charges including felony charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and driving under the influence.  After the bad form Miller and the passenger of his vehicle showed regarding Steve Barbour, I hope they give him whatever the max sentence is, he certainly deserves it.

This shouldnt be news, but: Cycling is good for the mind as well as the body

10 08 2009


my favorite quote from the article: “you need to stick your bums out a bit more,”

It’s like riding a bicycle.

6 08 2009

So, some “scientists” have “discovered” how it is that we never forget how to ride a bike. I’m not a big believer in science, or for anything else for that matter, but since this is science types talking about bikes, i think ill listen.

The researchers including scientists from the Universities London and New York, had been “working to understand the connections between nerve cells in the cerebellum that enable learning.” The cerebellum is directly tied to learning co-ordinated movement.

They discovered that the “molecular layer interneuron”  functions as a “gatekeeper”, controlling  electrical signals that leave the cerebellum. The interneurons then transform the electrical signals into a language that can be utilized as  memory in other parts of the brain.

Its funny, but im pretty sure i learned how to ride a bike because it hurt falling down again and again and i wanted to quit doing that.

Pfft scientists, what do they know, I still fall off my bike.