It’s like riding a bicycle.

6 08 2009

So, some “scientists” have “discovered” how it is that we never forget how to ride a bike. I’m not a big believer in science, or for anything else for that matter, but since this is science types talking about bikes, i think ill listen.

The researchers including scientists from the Universities London and New York, had been “working to understand the connections between nerve cells in the cerebellum that enable learning.” The cerebellum is directly tied to learning co-ordinated movement.

They discovered that the “molecular layer interneuron”  functions as a “gatekeeper”, controlling  electrical signals that leave the cerebellum. The interneurons then transform the electrical signals into a language that can be utilized as  memory in other parts of the brain.

Its funny, but im pretty sure i learned how to ride a bike because it hurt falling down again and again and i wanted to quit doing that.

Pfft scientists, what do they know, I still fall off my bike.



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