Keep em guessing.

19 08 2009

Is this real? Is it serious? You tell me cause I don’t know anymore. Apparently the hipsters/fixters have become self aware, and are now becoming ironic within their irony. That is to say, yo dog i put some irony in your irony so you can be ironic while you’re ironic.

ironic irony of the ironc ironic?

ironic irony of the ironc ironic?

“check it bro

no name all black steel “track frame” with “track ends”
dp 18 wheel with formula hub on the front wheel, prolly needs a new tire but I haven’t had any problems with it
velocity deep v with fixed/fixed formula hub on the back
sugino cheapo crankset which needs ONE chainring bolt. yeah, that rules, right?
generic saddle
generic pedals
risers with old ass oury grips that prolly need replacing
no brakes
spokecards included for bike cred
it can do BAR SPINS. thats right, dude, BAR FUCKING SPINS!

this bike would be perfect for someone who wants to harvest the parts or use it as a polo or winter beater bike. it rides smooth other than the things listed. cmon, make me an offer, i’d like to buy a handle of whiskey and take my girlfriend out on the town.”

So. We have an admittedly crappy bike for sale. It is posed in a decidedly “urban” location, complete with…delicious ironic graffiti apparently reading “one gear one world”, and spoke cards which the poster affirms lend “bike cred” to the machine. Oh and lets not forget the deep V’s and the fact “it can do BAR SPINS. thats right, dude, BAR FUCKING SPINS!”

So. Is the person selling this bike actually being sarcastic about it? Actually aware of the ludicrousness of it all? My vote is yes, but sadly the possibility exists that he/she is not. I cant tell the “irony” apart from the “irony” anymore. Either the seller wants the hipster that may buy his bike to purchase it because it is a state of disrepair and therefore better than  a properly cared for and maintained bike, or it “rides smooth other than the things listed.”

Ouch, my brain, its enough to make me go put on a unicorn sweater and get a neck tattoo. No, seriously bro, check it.



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