Whats wrong with this craigslisting?

24 08 2009


the girl that was jogging at Antrim Park this afternoon in pink – m4w – 28 (Antrim park)

This afternoon I was at the park, had just finished riding my bike and looked up and saw you jogging by. I’m glad I had stopped riding, because I shit you not, the very sight of you would have made me wreck, and that would have been embarrassing. You were wearing a pink tshirt, and when I looked the second time, you were looking at me, too. Either you’re interested too, or you were watching something across the lake and didn’t even notice me… I’ll hope for the former. 🙂 Anyway, if by chance you read this, or someone who knows the pink tshirt jogger reads this and would kindly point her to it, Id be forever happy.

Seems innocent enough, but hidden in this simple story lies a dark fact, a hidden truth heralded by a harbinger of doom. You see, the poster stated:

“I’m glad I had stopped riding”





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