Update on fireman shooting at cyclist.

22 11 2009


120 days.

Simons described being confronted by the 17-year Fire Department veteran on the morning of July 26 as he was riding his bike along Tunnel Road with his 4-year-old son in a seat on the back and his wife on another bike.He said Diez yelled at him from his car, claiming he was putting the boy’s life in danger by riding on the busy roadway.



Road Rage Doctor Found Guilty!

3 11 2009


The good doctor was found guilty of six felonies and one misdemeanor and could face as much as five years in prison. Hopefully he serves the time.

Cycling Board Games

2 11 2009

Since im a designer, well an awful one anyway, I found this interesting from an aesthetic and historical standpoint. Its a pretty nice collection of cycling board games.

The Fear of Cycling

2 11 2009


Written by Dave Horton of Lancaster, England. A sociologist by training, and currently working at Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, on an interdisciplinary project concerning walking and cycling, and the capacity of these most sustainable modes of mobility to re-make cities and towns fit for the twenty-first century.

“Most obviously this fear relates to anxieties about being in close and unprotected proximity to speeding cars, it’s to do with a fear of crashes, injury and death. But fear of cycling is also more complex than this. People on bikes move through public space in a much more open, less mediated way than people in cars. That’s one of the pleasures of cycling, but it also potentially heightens feelings of existential vulnerability. Some people also undoubtedly fear looking inept on a bike, fear working their bodies in public, fear harassment or violence from strangers. Cities are full of fear, which is partly why and partly because people move in cars. ”

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