Douchebag Cyclist

20 07 2010

Today, riding south on high st. from worthington. I got past lane and the construction was making for some awful traffic so i turned down woodruff and then left on college. when i got to the stop sign at college and 12th there were a few cars backed up so i was about the 4th back from the sign. as i waited for the cars to advance a guy on a road bike went fairly quickly past me on the left, passing the cars and running the sign and turned left up 12th toward high, I waited my turn, turned left on 12th and made my way to high where the light was green. i turned right, and saw the cyclist who had ran the sign a little ways down high, i was riding my mountain bike so i really had to sprint to catch him and i finally did at king ave. just as the light changed from yellow to red. we came to a stop behind a cota bus and just as i shouted “hey” he pushed himself up on the sidewalk, through a group of pedestrians and rode past the bus and then back onto the street again once he was past it. the light was still red and he was halfway out in the intersection waiting for a car to pass through, then he carried on through the (red) light. traffic started moving again, i passed the bus and again caught him at 5th. as i came to a stop next to him (as he actually had to stop for the cross traffic) I noticed he was wearing white ear bud ipod type headphones. I yelled “you have to stop at all the lights and signs just like the cars do, its people like you that give us a bad name as cyclists” he said “uh-huh” I carried on “nothing is going to change in this city if people like you ride like that, its why cars and pedestrians hate us, plus you arent that fast anyway, i caught you easly on this crappy bike” the light changed and we started pedaling, I easily dropped him, and the next few lights were green, at goodale and high the light was red and I stopped, he rode by, running the light, i caught up with him again at vine, stopped and got my phone out to take this rather distanced picture:

he was wearing a liquigas/fizik kit and hes doing them a huge disservice. he had a messenger type bag over his shoulder and a dark red helmet on. also, hes not very fast despite the team kit, as i caught back up with him as he ran light after light even though i stopped. if you know this douchebag please educate him on how not to be a total idiot, hes going to get hurt really badly one day. This picture was taken at 5:13 pm monday july 19th.




One response

16 01 2011

I have never met a non-dick Cyclist in my entire life ! The collective image for all cyclist is that of a Spandex-clad douchebag. I wish it were some other way. Truthfully speaking, I really wanted to get into biking, but idiots like this is what turned me off to cyclist culture.

BTW, Great Blog !

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