Manx Missile Goes “Balls Out”!

26 07 2010

Mark Cavendish, Winner of 5 stages at this years edition of le tour, won the final sprint over doping suspect Alessandro Petacchi.

My hero! Cav, not Petacchi.

While I prefer to keep my man missile and balls tucked securely away im my assos…ugh…sorry…thats no good, ill try again.

Generally going “balls out” is reserved for those that participate in the World Naked Bike Ride, which is “hard” in a different kind of way,Cavendish is not called the Man Missile for nothing. Cav prefers his balls out while competing in one of the most difficult (hardest)  bike races on the planet while trying to keep his frame “stiff”

ok thats it, ill stop.

“Every sprint in the Tour you’ve got to try and save as much energy as possible. On the Champs Élysées you can’t save energy. You just go balls out to the line and that’s what I did today,” Cavendish said. “Once I was on Petacchi’s wheel I knew I could win the stage. We came at the last corner and I just jumped. This is the most beautiful finish in the world. It’s been a road full of emotions but if you win here you forget about all the disappointments,” Cavendish said.

Alas however, Cav didnt win the malliot vert this year despite the 5 stage wins but he is undeniably the best sprinter in this years tour if not the world. A bit more consistency and he will be wearing green next year.

Oh, and that one muppet won the GC, but I dont want to talk about that.

Also, Wiggins is cutting this season short as he needs a “proper break“. Had hoped for a better showing from him over all this year but cheers nonetheless! Hopefully he will be rested and back in good form come next year. We will get to see more of Cavendish’s balls in the Vuelta on Aug. 28.

I have to make that title more suggestive.



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21 06 2011
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