23 09 2010

This is really getting out of hand.


Maryland Green Party Canditate Hit and Killed

22 09 2010

Link to the Washington Post article here

Fuck everything about this.

“the driver apparently thought she had hit a deer or another animal and realized what had happened only when she arrived home and found Pettigrew’s bicycle trapped under her car”

uh huh.



Oh my mistake, thats not a bike.


Ok, so thats a deer and a bike pictured next to each other. If you cant tell the difference between the two you probably shouldnt be driving a car.

“When she arrived home and saw the bicycle, she assumed it was something else.”


“Yeah, everyone rides a bike, when they’re fucking 6.”

17 09 2010

Just found this in my drafts folder and I forgot to publish this a month or two ago. I guess I should drink more beer, oh wait.

Slate has an article up “Dude, wheres your car- How not having a car became Hollywood shorthand for loser”

Being that I just saw this movie, and thought it quite horrible, this article just adds to that feeling. While the author lightly touches on the “car culture”:

We could attribute it to the simple fact of the film industry’s base in Los Angeles, a place whose residents—film directors and otherwise—can hardly imagine life without a car.

And includes a socio-economic-gender role component, identifying how the car is used as a status/sex symbol not only in hollywood, but in cultures the world over. It is these types of views that relegate cyclists to second class citizen status, we need to change this…yesterday.

Bike Envy.

15 09 2010

Here at ipayroadtax.com is a post and video of an aggressive driver first ranting, then throwing a water bottle at a cyclist who luckily was able to document the whole scene through the use of a helmet cam. According to the update the driver was charged and fined. Bonus points for the classic angry driver quote: “Roads are for cars”. Love love love it, id like to take the driver out for a romantic dinner and a walk on the beach, maybe some light petting.

Crackhead tells how to keep you bike from being stolen.

13 09 2010

In this guardian article, a crack head gives tips on how to properly secure your bike to keep it from being stolen. And, as we all know, you can always trust a crackhead to give trustworthy information. But honestly its a pretty good article. Enjoy.

Driver Kills Cyclist in Brooklyn, Hurries Off to Baby Shower.

13 09 2010

Brilliant. As I regularly pass this intersection…and people drive way to fast here, especially on washington ave.


So she couldnt be arsed to stop? This happens again and again.

If there are any motorists that read this, and we ask for this constantly, please please please watch out for those of us on bikes. Thanks.

Forkless Bicycle?

11 09 2010

Over at http://thedesigninspiration.com/articles/forkless-bicycle-design-by-olli-erkkila/ theyve got a forkless bike designed by Finnish bicycle designer Olli Erkkila.


It reminded me of this time i saw a man shouting at a statue of a boy “playing” in a fountain. “HEY GIT YER KID OUTTA THE FOUNTAIN”…I’m sure this bike will cause some confusion amongst the populace.