This means war!

20 06 2011

“Cyclists also noticed thumbtacks on the road the previous weekend, though many had been squashed by passing cars. Jeff Craddock and several other cyclists picked up the thumbtacks that Monday morning, and he estimated they collected 100 or 200 at each of several intersections along the route…Last week…every intersection had tacks sprinkled on it. Such roadway risks are not normal, said Craddock, who has been riding with the group for about five years.”

Somebodysgonnagetahurtrealbad! Such roadway risks are not normal he says. I suppose that is true, usually its cars trying to hit us, or things being thrown from the windows as they pass…which leads me to:

Of course in this instance I guess we should give the driver a break, I mean she was busy on her cellphone while she was driving, and she was drunk, which makes driving awfully difficult. She deserves a little leniency here I suppose…er…



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