My Hero! *swoon*

21 06 2011

Here is a cyclists cyclist.

As opposed to the earlier post I made dealing with a traffic count, this one has quite a bit better outcome. And what with pretty infographics and twitter screen grabs, my internal designer (as opposed to interior designer, who doesn’t exist because I cant afford one) is a bit jealous.

At least the twitter screen grab wasn’t the now infamous Anthony Weiner weiner one, although I’m a bit jealous in that area too. You cant seem to go anywhere without seeing Anthony Weiners…well…I’m sure we are all tired of genital jokes by now. Which brings me to the, again, now infamous Weiner (careful clicking that link, you never know what will “pop up” sorry, I couldn’t help it) who could stand to learn something from the City Councillor Josh Matlow.

Instead of tweeting raunchy pictures to underage girls, or threatening that  “When I become mayor, you know what I’m going to spend my first year doing? I’m going to have a bunch of ribbon-cuttings tearing out your fucking bike lanes” (I guess Weiner will have plenty of time to get to work on that now) actually spent some time doing his job and went to investigate the contested traffic count. Cheers to you good sir, keep up the good work!



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