6 07 2011

Thor Hushovd is showing good form thus far, and being a personal favorite of mine based on his epic metal name, I’m excited to see where this years tour takes him. Well, we know where it will take him, as the routes are all planned, but you know what I mean.

There is no way this meets UCI regulations.

Despite his affinity for rubbing his suncream on other men Hushovd, is truly a God amongst mortals, at least during these beginning stages of Le Tour. After he finished rubbing suncream all over the manx missile, he did give Cav his due:

“About two or three years ago, I realized that I could not compete anymore on flat sprints with a guy like Mark Cavendish,” Hushovd said. “So I started to focus on a different type of sprints. To be  strong on small climbs, you need specific preparation and specific work.”

While methodological, step by step, specific training is not quite smiting ice giants with Mjölnir, watching the tour is guaranteed to be better than the Thor movie, so it’ll do.

The Garmin-Cervelo manager Jonathan Vaughters made the oh so obvious observation that Thor is “a strong, strong man”. Hopefully strong enough to battle for the mailloit jaune for the duration of the tour, and after his victory there take on  Jörmungandr during Ragnarök.

Creamsicle and suncream? Thor seems to have a theme going here.

Creamsicles and suncream too, oh Thor, you crazy.




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