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I’m an equal opportunity offender, so if my views on something disagree with yours, great, just keep riding your bike. Unless you don’t, and are a “motorist” in which case, watch out for us on 2 wheels, quit texting, playing with your ipod, reading the paper (I swear people still do this, and while driving!), watching dvd’s or any other nonsense that I see you do while you drive, and stop killing cyclists (and small mammals).

I failed as a messenger, I’m at best a mediocre wind sucking pack filler in races, and I still fall down a lot at cross races. I know where I stand (or in this case pedal). Yet I still turn the cranks. I ride every day. Summer or winter, sun or rain, makes no difference to me. It’s not about an economical or environmentally friendly means of transportation, its not about it being a good workout or beneficial to my health. Its about not being able to stop. Its about waking up in the middle of the night and just having to ride right then. Its about riding up and down the highest hill in whatever town you happen to be in until you puke,doing it again, and then again. It’s as much about the organized races and crits as it is riding around aimlessly with friends. Its about riding with the voice in your head that says “why the hell are you doing this to yourself, take it easy tomorrow” then being back at it before the sun rises. Its an addiction I wouldn’t trade for another, it’s a necessity, an obsession. And when the winter air is burning the back of my throat, and I cant feel my toes or fingers, when the sun is searing my flesh or the rain is drenching me for hours, when I am asking myself “why am I doing this” the answer is always there. Because I have to, this IS why.

It is said I need therapy, all i really need is a bike.

Of the machines I own my favorite currently is the Trek XO1 cyclocross, it has been for sometime, and will be for the foreseeable future.

contact: militant_cyclist at yahoo dot co dot uk


10 responses

27 07 2007

What’s up? I replied to your comment on my site, and shot over here to peep your blog. Dig it! Added a link to your site.
I see you’re a vegetarian, right on. I am also a fellow herbivore.
Looking forward to following your blog.
Patrick – SSD Crew

28 07 2007
Amy Levin

try riding a squid

7 08 2007

you’re cool man!!! You ride a bike while I ride roller blades… Thank you for enjoy my artwork, you’re quite talented as well… I’ll start to watch your wordpress and add your link to my page and then maybe we can be friends and enjoy our ideas together.

speak soon bruv, cya.

20 02 2009

That’s what I think of you. Do you jack off to your bike also. When was the last time you had any pussy? Rosey palm does’nt count. That’s all losers like you do. Is talk. I think that your just a self-centered, self-important, hypocrite.

13 12 2013


Ah, forget it. Too much stupid in your comment to bother correcting.

Now go ride your bike, little thing.

17 05 2009

Jseus, self righteous prat. Anyone who can turn a bicycle into a lifestyle needs therapy.

22 09 2009

Don’t care about these idiots. They are pathetic, enough said. Don’t bother analysing what brought them to make these pitiful remarks.

10 11 2009

I tried to shoot you an e-mail, but it bounced back as undeliverable, so here it is:

Greetings from across the pond and across the continent! Here in San Diego we have formed a non-organization with no membership and no leadership to counter threats against cyclists with campaigns of direct action. The idea came out of brainstorming a response to a blog post by a “journalist” from a local “publication” who advocated committing acts of violence against cyclists and encouraged others to join him. In the same blog he also admitted to having assaulted cyclists himself. So far the fascist organ in question has refused to disavow its relationship with this writer and he continues to be on paid staff. Our direct action consists of a Boycott of businesses who advertise in this rag. We hope to hurt them economically until our demands are met.

E-mail me a mailing address and I will send you a couple of complimentary sew-on patches with the RVF logo: a red star with a grey bicycle frame and the white letters RVF surrounded by a black cog. Additional patches may be purchased to cover production and shipping costs for $5 US each. It would be great to see our logo in the UK!

And don’t mind the trolls on your site. Their lack of credibility is evidenced by their poor writing skills.

Visit our local bike commuter website at sdbikecommuter.com.


Revolutionary Velo Fraction
San Diego, California

18 09 2010

Tonight a driver purposely tried to kill me. She looked right at me as she beeped her horn and turned into me.
I’m getting a bat and carrying it from now on.

13 12 2013

I keep my Kryptonite Evol S.4 strapped in a forward position of frame, predominant side. Kept in place via climbing webbing fr a local rock climbing shop. Has quick release buckles.

I also carry dog spray in my right pocket.

… just some thoughts for ‘ya. Not all cyclists are pacifists. X-D

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