An ode to the potato.

27 06 2011

Being my favorite food, other than cake, I was excited to see Bicycling cover the potato, with an albeit short story, not delicious crispy, crunchy skins and fluffy moist soft interiors, smothered in steamy luscious baked beans with a touch of cheese.

So sexy. So fine.

The article features quotes from a dietitian, who resides in the aptly named “Crested Butte”. Sultry sentence segments such as  “general face stuffing”, “gussied up into”, “creamy goodness” and “on-bike noshing” fill the page. All this talk of tubers and buttes is getting me all worked up…this after the veggie schmear on a bergen bagel at penny house cafe. If you are a consumer refugee fleeing the war ravaged Target store at Atlantic terminal, and looking for a safe haven, you’ll find it at Penny House.



22 06 2011

A perfect title for a black metal album or for a day of cycling.

On the back of the CD case it promises that it is “The Best Album In The World”. While that is up for debate, it did make we want to vomit, and thats not a bad thing, as sometimes cycling does too. Worst album review ever?


Bicycle Film Festival NYC

21 06 2011

While I can do without most of this, I’ll be there on Saturday for the “street party” to see what I can score from the vendors…

Doing your work for you? No thanks!

20 06 2011
Re: Website Inquiry
I”m not a corporate drone. No, I wont advertise for you for free. Also, probably sending me the same form letter generated through a spreadsheet from email addresses and websites you’ve skimmed from the internet that you sent to a thousand other “webmasters” (hahaha really?) is not the way to go about getting me to do so. Bugger off now. Cheers,MC

From: Mandie Hayes <>
Sent: Wed, 27 April, 2011 5:47:25
Subject: Website Inquiry

Dear Webmaster,

I came across your website recently:

I wanted to ask if you would please consider placing a link to my
website called It is a resource for anything and
everything bicycling, cycling and trail riding. If you think it would
be of use to your visitors, would you please consider adding a link to
my website on your page.

Here is the HTML link you could add: <a href=” “></a> – the complete biking resource.


Mandie Hayes

Forkless Bicycle?

11 09 2010

Over at theyve got a forkless bike designed by Finnish bicycle designer Olli Erkkila.


It reminded me of this time i saw a man shouting at a statue of a boy “playing” in a fountain. “HEY GIT YER KID OUTTA THE FOUNTAIN”…I’m sure this bike will cause some confusion amongst the populace.

Rafael Concept Bike

31 07 2010

I guess the easiest way to break it to you is with the gentle touch such as George W. Bush would use. The caring and delicate “shock and awe” approach:



Characterized by a town and its Japanese fans it combines old-school with the unquenchable thirst for innovations.
The pure simplicity of the first bikes – two wheels, one gear – nothing else, together with a bespoke carbon frame made in a Formula 1 company and an innovative drivetrain.

Advanced but Reduced.

Ahhhhh yes, nothing like the simplicity of a carbon frame made by a formula 1 company. Can’t argue with that. And the unquenchable thirst for making an completely unrideable bike. I for one cant wait to put the entire weight of my body on my genitalia. But I didn’t want kids anyway, I suppose they could start using this in place of vasectomies or to sterilize sex offenders.

If you want to view the carnage for yourself head over to the horribly graphic rafael concept site at: You know how when soldiers are killed in battle the government doesn’t want pictures of the bodies or even the caskets shown? Well someone should have intervened in this case because these pictures are much too awful to be seen by the general public.

Surprisingly Wikileaks didn’t even see this coming.

Cycling Board Games

2 11 2009

Since im a designer, well an awful one anyway, I found this interesting from an aesthetic and historical standpoint. Its a pretty nice collection of cycling board games.