Forkless Bicycle?

11 09 2010

Over at theyve got a forkless bike designed by Finnish bicycle designer Olli Erkkila.


It reminded me of this time i saw a man shouting at a statue of a boy “playing” in a fountain. “HEY GIT YER KID OUTTA THE FOUNTAIN”…I’m sure this bike will cause some confusion amongst the populace.


Rafael Concept Bike

31 07 2010

I guess the easiest way to break it to you is with the gentle touch such as George W. Bush would use. The caring and delicate “shock and awe” approach:



Characterized by a town and its Japanese fans it combines old-school with the unquenchable thirst for innovations.
The pure simplicity of the first bikes – two wheels, one gear – nothing else, together with a bespoke carbon frame made in a Formula 1 company and an innovative drivetrain.

Advanced but Reduced.

Ahhhhh yes, nothing like the simplicity of a carbon frame made by a formula 1 company. Can’t argue with that. And the unquenchable thirst for making an completely unrideable bike. I for one cant wait to put the entire weight of my body on my genitalia. But I didn’t want kids anyway, I suppose they could start using this in place of vasectomies or to sterilize sex offenders.

If you want to view the carnage for yourself head over to the horribly graphic rafael concept site at: You know how when soldiers are killed in battle the government doesn’t want pictures of the bodies or even the caskets shown? Well someone should have intervened in this case because these pictures are much too awful to be seen by the general public.

Surprisingly Wikileaks didn’t even see this coming.

Cycling Board Games

2 11 2009

Since im a designer, well an awful one anyway, I found this interesting from an aesthetic and historical standpoint. Its a pretty nice collection of cycling board games.

Pavement art as speed control…Or just shove cyclists to the ground.

18 06 2009

Things like this have been going on for quite awhile, and my jury is out on if its a good idea or not. I just wish the artwork itself was of higher quality, I dont know that its enough to fool anyone, though possibly from a distance. In addition, the article says:
“The majority of cyclists share the space amicably. However, there are a handful who refuse to slow down. That’s why we commissioned this art – we hope it will shock.”



If there are only a few cyclists who are riding dangerously, and either see this article or ride over this once its purpose is all but lost.

Although im certain it will terrify people that have sight issues for years to come.

I think that alligators or a lion would be much more effective, or tried and true traffic calming devices such as this policeman:

Yes, shoving cyclists to the ground certainly does slow them down considerably.

Create your own skate park. And other top notch craigslistings.

1 06 2009

I know i know, you’re thinking something modest like a suburban teenager’s backyard kind of skate park right? Kinda like this?

your average teens homemade skatepark.

your average teens homemade skatepark.

But wait! Found only on craigslist, the website dedicated to only bringing you the top most quality products comes:

looks FUN!

looks FUN!

act now! SEE how well constructed it is! WONDER at how safe it is! BE AMAZED at all the FUN you will have with your very own SKATE PARK!

im no expert on skateboarding or bmx for that matter, but id be hesitant to call a poorly constructed ramp system a “skate park” but hey who am i to judge, what a park is, after all china (leave it to china) recently stopped construction on a giant “sex park” . It just sounds creepy, you know bad things were going to happen there, all those middle aged guys hopped up on viagra running sex starved around a park, yes assuredly very bad times for all involved.

Here are 3 more listings for bicycles that seem to have been lovingly stored and properly cared for by keeping them  alongside railroad tracks in the woods or possibly in a vat of acid somewhere. Lovely.

Original posts here:

And to further enforce the fact that cops are good people, we have this “missed connection” Classy.

Brilliant. Astounding. Massive. All those words describe something else.

27 05 2009

Today we have this little jewel from the marketing geniuses at Dell computers.

selling your idiocy back to you.

selling your idiocy back to you.

This is brilliant. Its more than brilliant. Its…its…I dont have words for what it is but it doesnt matter cause it speaks for itself. Whatever the marketing guys at dell are up to, one thing is clear, they are on target and deserve a raise. There are several hundred designs to choose from but its ones like this that are just too good to be true.

Nothing like selling hipsters “culture” back to them at high prices. Although I suppose no self respecting hipstershit would purchase it anyway because its not a mac. Hypothetically speaking of course if they were to, half of them would buy it and drool all over it for a few weeks until something else shiny catches their attention and the other half would bitch and moan “they are stealing OUR culture!” Come to think of it however, I suppose you have to put SOMETHING into your OFFICIAL ISSUE CHROME MESSENGER BAG.

Hilarious. Its exactly what they are doing to themselves without realising it day in and day out (i know its hard to admit, so you dont have to, just keep buying your culture shhhhhhhhh). Hipsters, I implore you, carry on with the whining about these types of assaults by the corporate world on your “culture” so that i may stay adequately entertained. Thank you.

Greatest flash into ever.

24 04 2009