An ode to the potato.

27 06 2011

Being my favorite food, other than cake, I was excited to see Bicycling cover the potato, with an albeit short story, not delicious crispy, crunchy skins and fluffy moist soft interiors, smothered in steamy luscious baked beans with a touch of cheese.

So sexy. So fine.

The article features quotes from a dietitian, who resides in the aptly named “Crested Butte”. Sultry sentence segments such as  “general face stuffing”, “gussied up into”, “creamy goodness” and “on-bike noshing” fill the page. All this talk of tubers and buttes is getting me all worked up…this after the veggie schmear on a bergen bagel at penny house cafe. If you are a consumer refugee fleeing the war ravaged Target store at Atlantic terminal, and looking for a safe haven, you’ll find it at Penny House.



31 10 2009




How is this any more disgusting than eating a dead bird in the first place?

22 10 2009

A story about a woman who was “disgusted” by finding the head of a chicken in the package with the rest of the bird she bought at a grocery.

“Miss Kirby said: “I bought it a few weeks ago and put it in the freezer but when I took it out and cooked it, I saw its head and neck were tucked underneath.”
“It was disgusting. It was cooked but I took it into the shop because they weren’t answering the phones.”

How is this any more disgusting than the carcass of the bird? People are silly animals.

100 mile ride on 03-09-2007. A dog almost gets the tyre treatment.

7 09 2007

I havent had time for many posts as of late but this is an important one, so i thought i should post it.

I was supposed to wake up at 7:15 and ride to 15th and High to meet Andrew, Brian and Justin from the site at 8:30 to start riding…i didn’t actually force myself up until 7:45 and its usually around a 30 to 45 minute ride from my suburban hovel to the city. So i took a quick shower and stretched, threw on gear and put some peanut butter on sandwich rolls and started riding. Sprinting while eating is not a good idea but i made it there in about 30 minutes right at 8:30. After the pleasantries were exchanged, as it was my first time meeting these guys, we were off to circleville!
um yeah.
circleville, ohio.

I couldnt have asked for a better group of guys to ride with on a first meeting. Stories were told and future plans made, im looking forward to more long rides with them. After we got to circleville, i thought we would be getting lunch but i was wrong, we were going to lunch in ashville, a town northeast of circleville by about 20-25 miles. I think. I took over as pace setter at that point and only 1 thing was on my mind: FOOD AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. This was at around 40 miles or so, i started out on an agressive pace, over 20 mph. FOOD! We got to ashville and there were 4 places to eat, one of which was closed. It was some type of barbeque place, so needless to say i wasn’t disapointed. However the other choices were not a whole lot better. FOOD! A Bob Evans American country type place, a McDonalds, and a Subway sandwich place inside a gas station. We decided on the Bob Evans because they serve breakfast all day and that means lots of carbs. FOOD! We stuffed our faces with FOOD! I don’t remember the last time i was in a Bob Evans restaurant, it has to have been at least 10 years.

I don’t remember when the dog almost got it, but we were ascending a steep incline, and this little mutt came out of no place alongside the road and almost knocked Andrew, Brian, and Justin over, in what would have been a chain reaction crash. But with luck and good technical riding skills it didn’t happen…

So we carried on past Rickenbacker airport and headed back toward Columbus and more food. When we were nearing the city we saw the remnants of a motorist crash or something, there were the remnants of a pickup truck that had caught fire…it made me more hungry for some reason.

I think Im forgetting things, im going to make some edits later.

Here is the route map from the city:


12-8-07 Cottagers fail. Im in New York. No bike.

12 08 2007

My beloved Cottagers have lost. They scored in the opening minute on the pitch and then held off Arsenal  for the next 80 minutes until the equaliser was scored. Our keeper Tony Warner was ace, and equal to almost everything that ARSEnal could throw at him. In the end it was too much and too many mistaked by Fulham defenders that ruined it.

So Im in a foul mood and I would like to take it out on my bicycle but i cant BECAUSE I DONT HAVE ONE FOR NOW. Bollocks. I may have to look into renting a machine for the week, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know that i will have time to be arsed with it though as it going to be work from sunup to sundown supposedly. Maybe I can just run in circles beating myself in the head with something and ill feel better, yes ill try that.

Last night when I arrived here I met up with some of the others involved in the project and we went to an extremely nice Japanese restaurant where i stuffed my face with all sorts of vegetarian sushi, and agedashi tofu. It takes a lot of Japanese food to fill me up and that translates into a lot of money but in the end i successfully spent a lot of money (not mine) and still was not full. It was great food though.

Time to get to work.

Todays Ride 09-8-07 Rain+Awful Restaurant Service.

11 08 2007

Todays Statistics:

Total miles:25.4

Max speed:30.7

Avg speed:18.5

Near Death Experiences:0

Clif Bars eaten: 2

I’m starting to tire of not having time for long rides. I love riding fast and sprinting, but i feel rushed. Between school work and 9idsfklsl;afd’s; yeah. Anyway, rushed to university, showered, was almost late for class and starving, with nothing to stuff in my face. Left class worked in the studio for awhile and then started the ride home, it poured. I was drenched. It was great.

So I tried to go to my favourite place to stuff my face, the Dosa Corner. Its a south Indian place, the best in the city. It is owned by one of my mates parents. I walked in there was only one table available and it was not cleared. I waited. Finally someone came and cleared it and I sat. They never came back, well no, someone brought a menu after about 20 minutes, and then never came back. After about 35-40 minutes of other tables being sat and served I left. Although not until i told them i was never coming back. I couldn’t believe it, I’ve been a regular there for several years. It was never dodgy before. Now I can never go there again.


So I carried on to another place, had a wonderful dinner and i finally got to stuff my face. With potatoes. Brilliant.

Finally, jacket potato.

5 08 2007

Yes im eating 2 of them now, well worth the wait.

Im enamoured. Sigh…the potato, gods greatest gift to man. Forget all that crap about love, mercy, and faith. Heaven is here on earth, now. It has been gifted to us in the form of a root vegetable. Heaven has a name and it is “Jacket Potato”.

The angels trumpets sound, and herald the arrival of the jacket potato.

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