Bicycle Film Festival NYC

21 06 2011

While I can do without most of this, I’ll be there on Saturday for the “street party” to see what I can score from the vendors…


AFRICA: ‘Bicycles Are For Good

21 06 2011

Great read over at World Streets Blog, these are a few good quotes straight away, but the article is quite a bit longer.

“Politicians may tell us that bicycles are a sign that we are not advancing,” says Patrick Kayemba, managing director of the First African Bicycle Information Organization in Uganda, “but we ourselves have seen that cycling is a socio-economic tool. It works now – we don’t have to wait for someone to rescue us with better public transport, better this, or better that…”

So it seems as though politicians the world over have an agenda to eliminate cycling as more than a hobby.

“A bicycle in Africa means access,” Kayemba told an international cycling planning conference audience in Seville, Spain in March 2011. “You have a bicycle, you have access to income, clean water, social services, different places of work, a means to carry goods,” he said. “It is not for leisure, it is not for reducing weight – here, a bike is life.”

And, the world over, bikes have the same meaning, life.

My Hero! *swoon*

21 06 2011

Here is a cyclists cyclist.

As opposed to the earlier post I made dealing with a traffic count, this one has quite a bit better outcome. And what with pretty infographics and twitter screen grabs, my internal designer (as opposed to interior designer, who doesn’t exist because I cant afford one) is a bit jealous.

At least the twitter screen grab wasn’t the now infamous Anthony Weiner weiner one, although I’m a bit jealous in that area too. You cant seem to go anywhere without seeing Anthony Weiners…well…I’m sure we are all tired of genital jokes by now. Which brings me to the, again, now infamous Weiner (careful clicking that link, you never know what will “pop up” sorry, I couldn’t help it) who could stand to learn something from the City Councillor Josh Matlow.

Instead of tweeting raunchy pictures to underage girls, or threatening that  “When I become mayor, you know what I’m going to spend my first year doing? I’m going to have a bunch of ribbon-cuttings tearing out your fucking bike lanes” (I guess Weiner will have plenty of time to get to work on that now) actually spent some time doing his job and went to investigate the contested traffic count. Cheers to you good sir, keep up the good work!

Motorists Injure Cyclists, Police Get Tough On Cyclists?

21 06 2011

Well, in a fit of American tea party type logic, the Aussie police have seen fit to “get tough” on the victim. The article quotes a senior police sergeant as saying: “We have seen a number of incidents recently, particularly in the St Kilda Road area, where cyclists have collided with opening car doors,” Dubbed “Operation Compass” (which is humorous because it is evidently the police who have lost their way here and should be trying to find it) police “will patrol major routes into the city at peak times following a recent jump in bicycle crashes that have left some cyclists with serious injuries”. The article goes on to state that:

“The most recent figures from Bicycle Victoria’s annual road count, taken on March 1 this year, revealed that 1510 cyclists passed through the intersection of Swanston and Flinders streets in the city between 7am and 9am. That was the busiest bicycle commuter intersection in the city, recording an average of 12.6 cyclists per minute. However, the number of riders was down 18.5 per cent on the previous year due to wet and windy conditions in the city on the day the count was taken.”

Which of course, in a car dominated culture is exactly what “they” want.

This means war!

20 06 2011

“Cyclists also noticed thumbtacks on the road the previous weekend, though many had been squashed by passing cars. Jeff Craddock and several other cyclists picked up the thumbtacks that Monday morning, and he estimated they collected 100 or 200 at each of several intersections along the route…Last week…every intersection had tacks sprinkled on it. Such roadway risks are not normal, said Craddock, who has been riding with the group for about five years.”

Somebodysgonnagetahurtrealbad! Such roadway risks are not normal he says. I suppose that is true, usually its cars trying to hit us, or things being thrown from the windows as they pass…which leads me to:

Of course in this instance I guess we should give the driver a break, I mean she was busy on her cellphone while she was driving, and she was drunk, which makes driving awfully difficult. She deserves a little leniency here I suppose…er…

Forkless Bicycle?

11 09 2010

Over at theyve got a forkless bike designed by Finnish bicycle designer Olli Erkkila.


It reminded me of this time i saw a man shouting at a statue of a boy “playing” in a fountain. “HEY GIT YER KID OUTTA THE FOUNTAIN”…I’m sure this bike will cause some confusion amongst the populace.

Tea Party Idiot Claims Cycling is Part of U.N. World Takeover

6 08 2010

Just when you think people politicians cant get any dumber, here comes Dan Maesrunning nuckle-dragging in the Denver gubernatorial race.

According to the challenger Maes, John Hickenlooper’s (the current Mayor of Denver) policies are “all very well-disguised, but will be exposed,”. In particular his advocacy of cycling, is “converting Denver into a United Nations community.”

 Maes says he thought (he thought? i find that hard to believe) the current mayor’s promoting of cycling and other environmental concerns were harmless and well-meaning. Now says Maes, he can see the truth and “that’s exactly the attitude they want you to have.”

Maes went on to say: “At first, I thought, ‘Gosh, public transportation, what’s wrong with that, and what’s wrong with people parking their cars and riding their bikes? And what’s wrong with incentives for green cars?’ But if you do your homework and research, you realize ICLEI is part of a greater strategy to rein in American cities under a United Nations treaty,”

I suppose that if “they” want “us” to be more friendly toward the environment, stop driving cars, start riding bikes and that is somehow the way in which “they” will control the world its not so bad. Sign me up, give me my mark of the beast tattoo and clip me into my pedals.

And this man is leading in the polls?


Full article here at the Denver Post.