22 06 2011

A perfect title for a black metal album or for a day of cycling.

On the back of the CD case it promises that it is “The Best Album In The World”. While that is up for debate, it did make we want to vomit, and thats not a bad thing, as sometimes cycling does too. Worst album review ever?



Todays Ride. 31.7.07

1 08 2007

Todays Statistics:


Max speed:31.5

Avg speed:18.6

Clif bars eaten:1

Near Death Experiences:0

Number of times the militant cyclist forgot to zip his saddle pack causing blackberry to fall out and come apart on the ground upon impact: 1

I also got a new taillight a cat eye something something and its blindingly bright.

I didnt start riding until early evening afte getting called to come into work early this morning. Then class, then chipotle with a bunch of art grad students, then a stop at used kids record store where i picked up 2 old gorilla biscuits albums for $3 apiece and the new iLiKETRAiNS album ive been wanting for only $5.50 (BRAND NEW!!!) , and the Futureheads’ News and Tributes album (the US version that has songs the UK version doesnt) then a meeting at Cosi (i had a great caprese!), then finally starting out at around 5:30? I think.

I did the first 25 miles at a high pace, trying to keep above 20mph and when i had to slow down going into an all out sprint to get back up to speed. After the 25 miles i was averaging 21.7 so I did okay. I rode 14 miles of that 25 on the bike path so i was contending with joggers and bladers and dogs and blahblahvbopifjlkd. I had that crazed sprinter look in my eye and people probably thought i was insane.

I might have been riding a little bit obnoxiously…maybe…and i may have run some lights…….maybe…….not normal behaviour for me, but i knew that I didnt have much daylight left and i wasn’t going to get a lot of miles today.

I turned around when I came to the south side of downtown and started heading back home. I went straight up High Street and didn’t have a problem. No honking, no yelling, no throwing mcdonalds cups at my head. Nothing. Just respectful drivers.

It was a good day, I didnt even have to use my CRKT

915 total miles since 29-6-07…closing in on 1000! Maybe tomorrow i can get it, but i have to work. Ugh. Probably 2 more days. Ugh.


An old picture i found.

28 07 2007

This was in NYC many years ago…i was going through unmarked CDRs and generally trying to clean up and make some sense of the mess around my computer. So i put this CD in and it was from a trip to NY maybe 5 years ago in the winter time. Thats me on the bike in front of the legendary CBGB club.

Brought back a lot of old memories…aaaaahhhh NYC.

Bands i like.

27 07 2007

Agalloch, Alcest, Les Discrets, Wolves in the Throne Room, Drudkh, Krallice, Ensiferum, Isis, Jesu, Turisas, Eluveitie, Tyr, Wintersun, Behemoth, Altar Of Plagues, Ulver, Sunn0))), Deathspell Omega, Bathory, Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Windir, Moonsorrow, Blut Aus Nord, Dark Fortress, Editors, iLiKETRAiNS, Bloc Party, Interpol,  Minor Threat, Shelter, Youth of Today, 7 Seconds, Proud Youth, Ten Yard Fight, Swans, Godspeed, Explosions in the Sky,


26 07 2007

Oh.Dear.God. The auditory orgasmic rapture that is Editors new album. I have no words that can do justice to describe the beauty that is “An End Has a Start”. I got the special edition the day it came out, and I have had it on repeat in every form imaginable, from my CD player to Itunes, at home, in the car, working out, wherever, whenever.

I cant take it. Its just too good. I loved the first album but Bloc Party was my favourite group from the time I heard their first single until the new Editors. Editors were my second, but this is utterly ridiculous. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I can go on and on about this, but I wont because I’m listening to it now and typing is interrupting me.

Go buy it. Now.
Album Cover