Bike Lanes Are Bad Enough As It Is, But This…

21 10 2009

I mean, really. Clicky here.

No, really, like this:



In addition this quote from 70 year old footballer Roger Craddock :

“I’ve got one cartilage left in my knee, so it would be absolutely stupid to pack it in before I tear that.”

Pretty much sums it up. I’m thinking he know what its about.


Cavendish Sprint Air Force Gallery

28 07 2009

A gallery of the custom bike manufactured for Cavendish…ace.



Heres a nice set of pics from Le Tour

27 07 2009

Plenty of race shots and more candid ones at the anti doping buses…not thumbnails either, big good quality shots.

Atrocities. Someone should pay dearly for these affronts against bike kind.

15 07 2009

why? why why why why?

Russian Photo Memes

25 03 2009


New York Tomorrow!

11 08 2007

Leaving this morning for New York! I have design job for which ill be staying in the Hamptons for a weekend…ill post pictures! Unfortunately i cant bring my bicycle. We will see if i have a nervous breakdown without it. I got a job as the art director for a south asian (Indian) fashion photo shoot. I hope it will help me to get my name out there, as it should be good publicity.

Cant wait.