In which Barca wins, more imporantly Man U loses.

27 05 2009

In all honestly I didnt much care about the outcome of this match. Man U was outplayed on the pitch, ronaldo’s radar seemed to be off as if he was honing in on something else…


i was hoping for at least a good match, oh well, maybe next year.

off to the crew game now, hoping for another victory!


Fulham Looking Best

30 04 2009

Soooooooooo, my perennially underachieving club my actually do right for once. 7th in the premiership, marks the highest ever, and a recent victory over stoke city brings us to 47 points!

Saturday will be a true test at Chelsea..

I’m giddy.


10 03 2009

another year, mired in mediocrity.


I hate Arsenal too but…

10 03 2009

I hate Arsenal as much as the next guy but this is getting out of hand. Go beat up someone that really deserves it.

So i seem to have hurt some feelings.

7 03 2009

I guess even trolls have to eat. Heres some food for you guys 🙂

12-8-07 Cottagers fail. Im in New York. No bike.

12 08 2007

My beloved Cottagers have lost. They scored in the opening minute on the pitch and then held off Arsenal  for the next 80 minutes until the equaliser was scored. Our keeper Tony Warner was ace, and equal to almost everything that ARSEnal could throw at him. In the end it was too much and too many mistaked by Fulham defenders that ruined it.

So Im in a foul mood and I would like to take it out on my bicycle but i cant BECAUSE I DONT HAVE ONE FOR NOW. Bollocks. I may have to look into renting a machine for the week, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know that i will have time to be arsed with it though as it going to be work from sunup to sundown supposedly. Maybe I can just run in circles beating myself in the head with something and ill feel better, yes ill try that.

Last night when I arrived here I met up with some of the others involved in the project and we went to an extremely nice Japanese restaurant where i stuffed my face with all sorts of vegetarian sushi, and agedashi tofu. It takes a lot of Japanese food to fill me up and that translates into a lot of money but in the end i successfully spent a lot of money (not mine) and still was not full. It was great food though.

Time to get to work.